Citrix video - From Wow to How 3: Mobile Workstyles and Cloud Services

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This is an "entertaining" video about new Citrix products with use cases:
Turn on. Tune in. - Citrix TV

I've seen it about 2 weeks ago following a free screening of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises". The video is now online.

P.S.: If someone can tell me where I can buy the "mobility vest" weared by Brad Peterson in the video. I've already checked ScotteVest and it's not one of their products.
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    mapletunemapletune Member Posts: 316
    Brad Peterson, Chief Demo Officer at Citrix, tells us that carrying laptops is so 2011. =p

    so what's the solution? His "mobility jacket" of course!

    at around 11:00 into the video, he pulls out an iPad, a Galaxy Tab, an iPhone, and a Galaxy Note all from inside his "mobility jacket"! that's genius!! hahaha~

    funny guy =)
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