Too late to take the 701-702?

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Hey all,

Trying to begin my journey into entry level IT here while I go through school for Computer Science. My research indicates that A+ would be a good starting point for getting a first time job. I have almost a month of free time while waiting for the fall semester to start so I figure this would be a perfect time to study. I've heard of CompTIA getting ready to release the new 801-802 exams soon, even though there is no confirmed date. I'd hate to study for a month just to have to re-study the material again if the new exams are released, would also suck to pass the 701 portion and not the 702, just to have the new exams come out and invalidate the 701. Anyway, should I just study for something like Network+ while waiting for the new exams to be released or am I fine?



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    In my opinion, you should move on to Net+ since A+ material you have already known them. When you target Net+, I think it is not necessary to have A+.
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    I think the A+ is a great starting point. I know I am learning a lot. I am currently using Mike Meyers All in One, CBT Nuggets and Professor Messer videos. The objectives for the 801 and 802 tests are available. You can self-study the objectives or if you prefer I believe a few books will be available shortly. Search for the Exam Cram book and I believe the updated Mike Meyers versions will be out later this month as well. I guess it is always a possibility that the 801 and 802 tests wont launch in October but the 701 and 702 will be available to take up until August 2013 if you did want to go that route.
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    To echo Krones, the 701 and 702 are available until August 2013 so you have plenty of time to take those exams with currently available material. This blog talks a little about the new exams: New CompTIA A+ Exams 220-801 and 220-802

    Good luck.
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    My opinion is different as well. A+ is a good one to get. Highly visible, name recognition, de facto pc certification, etc. Network + is relatively unknown still and doesn't have as much value. Usually networking jobs will take a vendor cert like Cisco. While PC repair, helpdesk, deskside, etc like A+.
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    i agree with N2IT, also some employers require all there IT staff to have the A+. So even if you go into the networking side of IT I'd still go and get the A+ just so you don't loose opportunities because of it. When i was unemployed i lost a couple of jobs that i was over qualified for because at the time i didn't have the A+.
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