Bank of America Mobile Banking On-Line check deposit

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My wife just brought it to my attention you can now take a picture of the front and back of the check and deposit via iPad etc. This is a really cool idea and is a major time saver.

How long before physical banks go away?


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    Probably not for a while icon_smile.gif

    Glad you like that - you should check out the other cool stuff like money movement through your smart phone. Not sure if BofA does that though.
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    Yeah I am pretty reclusive when it comes to new features. I actually enjoy change, but I usually get really focused into one thing it makes it hard for me to break away and take interest in other things. My moms side of the family is like that and I inherited that personality trait :)

    I can focus on one particular item for long durations, but other parts of my life can become neglicted so it's a strength and a weakness. Funny thing is when I am put on the spot to do multiple things it snaps me out of that mindset and I am able to deliver in that type of setting. Arguably it's the setting I produce the best out of.
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    lol - I'm actually with you on that. The only reason why I know about these banking "features" is because I'm in the business and get peppered by the product teams about all these "wonderful" new banking features. Personally, I'm happy to just be able to do direct-deposit.
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    Chase has this, I use it once in a while. Sometimes I run into checks that it won't accept though.
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    USAA has had this for quite a while.
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    I'm like yesterdays news :)
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    I like the convenience of this but it really highlights how "secure" our banking system is.

    With the chase app I can write down someone's account and routing numbers on a piece of white paper along with any $$ amount, take a picture and have it deposited in my bank.
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    Yeah I been using this with USAA for a while, then recently this year Navy Federal. Navy Federal is the best though!
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    Bank of America is the devil.
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    My bank (ING) does this, and I love the feature. Another cool thing BofA does is allow you to put cash or check directly into the ATM. Not sure how long physical banks have been doing this, I've been with ING for several years now.
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    It's an awesome feature for small checks. I don't recall what Chase's limit is now, but it was 100$. Trick is what the heck to do with the check post deposit. The days of getting your checks back with your statement are so long gone. I also like how the ATMs now print an image of the check with deposit on the receipt.
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    blargoe wrote: »
    Bank of America is the devil.

    I agree, pure evil. I can't hear the name without muttering F*** BOA
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