Ideal practice score to be ready?

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Whats the ideal testing score to determine if ur ready for 701? I did the practice test on the comptia site and got a 72% ... O_O
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    I'd be aiming for anything over 80%. Anything less is cutting it too close imo.

    Other than the CompTIA's own practice question, have you tried any other questions?
    there was a guy selling a 1000 question set for the A+ and ran his own company called Blue Parrot (or something like that). He would sell on ebay but i haven't checked if he still does. His questions were 100% legit and not ****. He wrote his own software and had a very good testing engine.
    Mike Meyers also does an excellent question set for the A+,net+. If you can pass his you are ready for the exam. Downside is they are expensive last time i checked.
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