Am I On the Right Track? Right State of Mind? Career Change 25 year old

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Hello all, newb here :).

I'm 25 years old and currently work for a brokerage firm with my series 7/63 license doing back office operations. I realize da little while ago, this is not what I want to do for a living... I enjoy the finance field, but love the tech side. I graudated from the University at Albany with a degree in Information science, minor in business. I've always been a tech person deep down inside, I enjoy it, when a friend has a computer issue, it urks me if I can't solve it and research until I find a solution. I worked two summer internships as a IT tech for a brokerage firm during my college summer breaks. Nothing too serious or challenging, but it was something.

I want to make the move to the technology field, possibly for a finance or brokerage company. Should I go for the A+, Network+ and security+ certifications? I mean I know it's just a line item, but will it give me the headstart I need? A lot of these tech positions go pretty in deep in, so I feel the certifications will help give me a better insight of things along with actual practice. Do you guys think this idea will put me on the right track? I'm in desperate need of a change... Thanks!!


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