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The only way I can figure out to get the IOS for GNS3 is to buy a used router with the IOS still loaded. Then add the price of vmware workstation 8 around $200. I might as well just build a lab. Coming from a tight budget any other thoughts?

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    Tight Budget? Well if that is the case then GNS3 is your best friend. I try to push the idea of using a powerful quad-core laptop running GNS3, and vmware workstation 8. This allows for CUCM, Unity, and Presence virtual machines. I have an Alienware MX14 laptop and I pay like $40 a month for it. As for IOS & CallManager media you could try torrenting them, asking someone you know for it, or simply buy it: Pre-configured ESXi Images for $180.

    The last option is definitely the best. $180 is a worthwhile investment if you don't have access to the software any other way. Besides that, installing CUCM takes FOREVER and the only thing you learn from the process is that you have to have the publisher fully installed and have a subscriber profile built in it before you can fully install & join a subscriber to a cluster -What a way to spend a Sunday.....
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