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Thanks to the technotes I passed with an 873. If you can understand (not memorize) the information in the technotes, you WILL pass this test.

Thanks for the great technotes. They completely summarized the whole test!!



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    Congrats! and welcome to the boards. :)
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    excellent job and your right on target about the technotes! :D
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    Congrats, what are you looking at next?
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    :D nIcE!
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    which test did you take????
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    If you memorize the technotes you will do fine also.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    I am actually thinking of renewing one of my SANS certs but I dont think I have the time nor the energy.

    That's what I really like about the Comptia certs, good for life. I am studying for the A+ right now and hope to take the test in the next few weeks. I havent been on a windows machine for quite some time so the OS section is looking to be quite a challenge. At work I mainly use OS X, FreeBSD, and proprietary VMIC systems.

    I am using the Mike Meyers Passport ver2 book and it seems to be a good read. I just hope that the book covers everything because the technotes for the OS look to be a little thin:) Common guys, Im willing to pay again!!

    Again, the notes were really thorough so if you pass the tests from the technotes, you are ready to take the test.

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    Hi Jake,

    The most recommended A+ study guide has been All-In-One A+ Exam Guide, by Michael Meyers, 5th edition. I used the 4th edition as a study guide "way back" when I was doing A+. The passport is a cram--good for review so that you can find out what else you need to know.

    If possible, get copies of the OSs and practice with them--installing, etc.

    Good luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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