Considering 70-648 Upgrading from Windows Server 2003 MCSA to Windows Server 2008

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I've been at the local college for two years now and am about to finish, but mainly I've been concentrating on Cisco although I've taken some Microsoft server classes too. I was in the field 5+ years ago and have MCSA/MCSA on 2000/2003.

I'm looking at taking Exam 70-648 TS: Upgrading from Windows Server 2003 MCSA to, Windows Server 2008, Technology Specializations.

Do anyone know if I can just study the books, guides, videos I can get my hands on that pertain specifically to:

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration

Since these are the two that encompass the 70-648?

Or, should I spend more time on something 70-648 more specifically?

Been out of the Microsoft certification world for some time.


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    There is a Microsoft Press book specifically for 70-648/649 (it breaks out what topics are needed for each). However, the book is outdated, and does not discuss Server 2008 R2. It appears MS will not update it, which at this point makes sense.

    I actually used this book alongside Microsoft's free "What's new in R2" PDF. I was able to succeed on my first attempt, but admittedly one of my scores was very close (I forget which) was very close. I also had been involved in multiple migrations and deployments of R2 as well as ongoing support. So, assuming a lack of significant hands-on experience in R2, I would strongly recommend against the approach I used above. Instead, get the two second edition MS Press books for AD and Network Infrastructure. The 70-648 is more or less the exact same material. You can skim past anything that is redundant or largely unchanged since 2003, but most of the material will be new anyway.
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    I currently am heading towards this exam also and hope to sit the test by the end of next month. I have been reading through a Microsoft 6141D Official Microsoft Course book which I got when I attended the course, have watch quite a few CBT Nuggets videos, have had lot's of test lab experience installing all the new Roles/Features on more than one R2 Server and I have been using Measure Up exams. There is a lot to cover in this exam as it is 2 exams in 1.
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    IMHO as a former MCSA 2003 I recommend not taking upgrade exam and taking the exams separately (70-640 and 70-642). I tried using the MS-Press 70-648 book and never took the test because the book was too dry and I could not force myself to finish as it was unbearable.. I finally acquired the individual Microsoft Learning coursebooks and did each test indivdually.

    I am happy I made that decision. The test has alot of new material but since I already had knowledge of DNS, DHCP AD, Group Policy, etc i did not have to restudy this material and flew through the 2 books only covering the new topics. I was literally skipping entire chapters. The tests were a breeze because I had alot of basic questions which I already knew from my MCSA 2003. With the upgrade exam you will be iundated with new material test questions which will make it more difficult. Your margin of error is lower due you being given 20-25 Qs from 70-640 and 70-642.

    The only reason I would take the upgrade exam was if their was a lack of finances.
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    Thanks for the replies. I've decided to hold off. I have experience, although from long again in 2000 and 2003 server, but have only done the client and AD win 2008 server courses at the college so far, my 2008 server and infrastructure classes are in my final semester upcoming and thought if I exam crammed my way these next two weeks I could knock out an upgrade test but there seems to be too much uncertainty and changes especially with R2 so I think I should just go through the course the next few months and finish this thing out then take the certs individually. That and I hate to just blow money just to take a stab at a test I might fail. I feel worse about blowing the money than actually getting a failed attempt.

    I posted my current situation over in the CISCO forum found here.
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    Regardless of when you take the test, you should be using a practice exam to help determine if you're close to ready. I had fairly good results with Transcender for this test. I personally didn't find the upgrade exam to be exceptionally difficult, and I'm happy I took it over the two-test route.
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