Passed 270 after a miserable week

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I've been kind of slacking my XP 70-270 studies ever since i passed my A+ and Network+. So 2 weeks ago i came out of a 2 year relationship and thanks to the nice hot weather (wich was around 30 degrees) i got a fever and wasn't able to focus on my studies. I tried studying and doing a few tests but wasn't prepared enough. Yesterday i did the exam and passed with 780 something, i never thought i would pass. I'm very happy.

I would like to say that i was amazed that the practise exams i took on this site are just like the real thing! Very good job at settings those up.

I also got alot of questions regarding IIS and setting up websites/dns. However learnkey and CBT don't cover this i found that kind of weird.
Other then that alot of questions about portable computers/laptops etc.

I've 5 years of IT work experience and 3 years XP experience. Used no books, just online resources (mcmcse/techexams/techtut) and practise exams (transcender/sites) and CBT/Learnkey videos, i also i've a W2300 AD with xp clients at home. I've passed all exams (OS/CORE A+, Network+ and XP MCP) all in a single shot. Now i'm going for 290.


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