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Looks like INE released their new CCNP security bootcamp
Also it looks like it's taught by Brandon Carroll? Must be new to INE...not sure.

CCNP Security Courses


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    One thing I can't ever deny is INE great prices for training videos in comparison to other vendors $299 for a whole certification series you can't beat that.
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    I attended this bootcamp a couple of weeks ago ("live online").

    INE has a great reputation, but this class clearly needs more fine-tuning before conducting. It was all over the place for first two days (no clear direction), and got a little better as it progressed, but overall I'd give it a 6/10. Unfortunately, I think the version they're going to be offering is going to be the downloadable version of the one I attended. If that's the case, *maybe* with some editing it'd be better. But then again, maybe not.

    For whatever it's worth, Brandon really knows his stuff, so I don't fault him, it just seemed like there wasn't a good plan ahead of time. I felt like a CCIE walked into my work, and said "ok, let's talk about security stuff" as opposed to paying $499 to attend a class with a reputable vendor.
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    So it wasn't structured to cover each exam? Was it more like this is security and he laid it all out for you?
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    dmarcisco wrote: »
    Was it more like this is security and he laid it all out for you?

    Day 1, we spent about 4-5 hours just reading Cisco Docs. We finally got into CLI at about the 7 hour mark, and it was then "this is port security...etc etc...." - there were many people on day 1 who were calling INE to get their money back, so it wasn't just me. Some of those people were CCIE's already (for another track, obviously)

    I wouldn't say it was that bad, but not worth $499.
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    Sounds pretty crappy to me. I was actually waiting for this to come out.. What a disappointment I'm sure with the version on the website if its the same as the live bootcamp then they'll rerecord it with enough complaints.
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    Mrock4 wrote:
    it just seemed like there wasn't a good plan ahead of time.
    It was originally supposed to be Brian Mcghan teaching it right? Maybe they got Brandon to do it last minute or something.
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    Sounds like they rushed to get something out honestly..
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    In all fairness I think Maced hit in on the head. I don't believe Brandon was supposed to teach it (the course was rescheduled 2x prior to the one I attended), and it seemed like he sat in without much prep.

    I'd just highly recommend doing your due dilligence (ie: see a sample if they make one available first). I'm reasonably certain they're going to edit out a lot of the time that was bad....we're talking out of a week, hours upon hours of nothing worth while- so I'm sure they'll cut it down to the "meat" and maybe if it was that without all the fluff, it might be OK.
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    If you make enough complaints they will re-do the course. Brian Dennis is really about having the best quality. Make some complaints on the IEOC board, and if enough come it they will do something about it.
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    I attended the webcast too and I feel pretty much the same as Mrock up there...disappointed. This was my first experience with INE and though I love their forums I was not impressed by the class - I'd give it a 5/10.

    My main area of interest was the firewall material - my 642-618 exam was scheduled for last week. When the Firewall content day came I was beyond frustrated - non-stop issues with the ASDM and Java. I understand some things can't be anticipated but TESTING ASDM connectivity should have been common sense considering Cisco GUI/Java issues from the past/present/future.

    I really hope it was a last minute substitution, I had heard great things about INE and was really looking forward to the class. Had my employer not footed the bill I may have thought about asking for a refund. BUT I worked in TV production for 10 years so I know editing can work wonders....I hope the downloadable content is better.

    I just downloaded the two VPN segments. Fingers crossed.
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    Thanks for the reviews fellas, however it seems like the only complaints were the excessive review of basic topics? Aside from the last minute change in presenter, perhaps this was also designed to refresh CCNA Security topics and also towards the less experienced in security to have a more thorough review?

    Still at 300 it is not bad, however Dover/Mrock4, would you agree they covered all the topics from the exams? That is really all i care for and with editing i am sure they will narrow the subject down.

    Thanks guys
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    I wasn't concerned about reviewing basic topics. You are right, the Secure material has quite a bit of overlap with the CCNA Security material so I think repetition is inevitable - and honestly I could use a little refresh so I'll probably go back and watch the secure vids too.

    I did watch all of the firewall material and I just took the exam last week. I would say all of the relevant exam material was covered - fairly well and in depth. After the troubles with the ASDM were resolved (the next day) Brandon covered most of what I saw on the exam. I really expected the exam to be more difficult so maybe that's why I felt a little disappointed by what was presented.

    I don't want to take anything away from Brandon Carroll - its obvious he knows his stuff and when everything was working well together (computer, ASA's, routers, switches, ASDM) it was fun! Sometimes (particularly with LIVE events) Murphy's law just won't go away...its not anyone's fault.

    I've already started watching the first VPN video and so far its been good. Who knows, maybe I was just having a bad week during the bootcamp.
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