How to override driver selection?

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I have sometimes wanted to use a driver other than the windows version. However, when I select "update driver", Windows checks the driver I want to use, then tells me "there is no better driver" and exits. icon_eek.gif Specifically I want to change the 200GB disc driver - ASR does not see the disc right on a restore.

Without un-installing the driver first (I am scared of the disc becoming unusable during the change) is the another way to force XP to use the driver at the location I specify?



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    Choose the advanced driver installation selection, it will then ask you to specify the location of the driver.
    What next?
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    There is:
    Go to device Manager and expand Disk Drives. Right click your drive and choose to update driver. When it asks to Connect to Windows update, choose No, Not at this time. Choose next and then install from a specific location. Choose next and then select the option, "Don't Search. I will choose the driver to Install" and choose next again. Then choose Have Disk and browse to the location of the driver that you are wanting to install. Once you choose your driver, you may be presented with a choice of multiple hardware types, choose the one that matches your device and voila.
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    Bullet, I have done that exactly (I'm sure) many times, but each time it says 'there is no better driver so I am not changing it'.

    Next time I have to rebuild a system, maybe I can have all my drivers on a disk & press F6 when given an option to have the vendor's installed.

    Think that will work? Been doing PC stuff at home since 1990, and the more they 'improve' windows, the harder it is to make it do some simple things. icon_rolleyes.gif I've had easier times fixing mainframes!!
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    Are you sure that you chose the option "Don't Search, I will choose the Driver to Install" I only ask because of what you say Windows response is.

    Note: you will have to choose to install the driver form a specific location (Advanced) before choosing the Don't Search Option.
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    I almost NEVER let MS search, unless it is a very new device - even then prefer to point it to the CD that came with it to be sure it uses the correct version.

    My only option may be to first uninstall such device drivers that I am not allowed to 'update', then choose what I want. And hope it is not to such a critical device that it causes me to lose everything (hope "last known good" option would still function).

    I'm done.
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