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How can I change user name on the Command Prompt? C:/users/mark (change mark to John)


  • Patel128Patel128 Member Posts: 339
    REN "C:/users/mark" "John"
    That will rename the folder mark to John if that is what you are asking.

    Edit: I wasnt sure if you were asking to move to the user Johns folder then you would do
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    I wouldn't recommend you change the folder path because that could cause major complications to your user profile because all of your user settings are stored in there and also some programs are set to collect their information from that folder path.
  • KenCKenC Member Posts: 131
    Patel128 wrote: »
    not quite, so misleading for OP
    cd ../John
    cd ..
    cd John
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    i must point out, you are not changing the username (changing your login credentials) in this example, you are simply changing directory from a user's home directory to another, however you are still logged in using the same user account you had when you started the cmd.
  • Vik210Vik210 Member Posts: 197
    Even if you are logged in with a different id and manage to rename the folder - it will get created as soon as you log-in again. All your personalized settings/ printers will be lost though and you will come back to the default settings.
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