Caps PMP Cert Journey

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icon_cheers.gif I have started it. YES. Finally i am at a juncture that to get proper interviews i need this cert under my belt.
I have done the course 2 in the past and am a member of PMI org but never actually started my study program. NOw outta job i need to attain this cert.

Ordered Rita's book and have PMBok with me. Just need to start on them...sooner.
Actually completing Project 2010 courses on Skillsoft to further get my head around this tool.

Is there anyone else who is studying for PMP exam?


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    Yep, me. Been reading Rita for a month and taking the end-of-chapter exams. Starting Chapter 11 today. To me it's fairly difficult; failed three of the exams with 50's and making mid-70's on the rest, all taken completely without cheating. You might find that's about par for the course.

    And you're right about jobs. Around here (Seattle), many PM jobs require the PMP but pay over $100k.
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    Working through my skillsoft classes right now. After that, my real studying will begin....I haven't decided whether to take the exam in September like I would have liked or in December. End of the year has become more than likely...though I am going to shoot for anytime in Q4-2012.

    I'm also a PMINYC chapter member. Couldn't say no to that when the price to join was $0. :) Their next meeting is in September...I am going to try to go just to see what it's like.
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    check out my lessons learned from my PASSING the PMP on 16 July... . I highly recommened adding Andy Crowe's book and his quick ref guide and also buy the practice exams from Rita (take 25-50 at a time so you dont burn yourself out and can actually review the missed questions)....

    pmzilla is a good website for lessons learned (mostly from india) Passionate PM is also good Probably the Best PMP Training in the World | PMP Exam Prep - Blog
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