Troy tech can someone explain

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Is it the same as transender?


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    troy tec is a braindump, and they give you the wrog answer, get transender it is much better and legal
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    Troy tec's stuff is partially a braindump. Their PDF guides ARE somewhat useful as a last minute cram session (the guide is not all questions.. a large part of it is review material) but the questions, are unfortunately directly dumped from the test.

    If you need last minute review material, I suggest Cramsession's PDFs. Very useful and brain-**** free.

    - WS
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    I'm going to delete this topic later today, since I really don't want to send visitors from this site to troy tech, I did that too many times from my previous cert site already.... icon_redface.gif

    I've noticed similar questions in other forums and newsgroups... the answer I gave then I will give again.... comparing Transcenders with troy tech is like comparing a brand new Mercedes SLK cabriolet with a flat-tired bicycle....

    There's is an ongoing trial against the the owner of that 'company'. Troy tech product were (before MS and CompTIA took 'm down, actually the police did that...) brain **** (not partially, but completely) and the new line of products they have are as well.

    This guy is a plain criminal, and even after the police took away his Ferrari, his kids' video games, and hundreds of thousands of dollars (in cash!), the feds are after him, he's been a couple of days in jail already etc.etc.etc. and he still doesn't get it! The worst thing is that he admits it (quote from his own newsletter about this legal problem he worked himself into: "I've decide to rewrite braindumps" and that's what he did, and used the most common excuses to justify his deeds: "exams are not fair" "MS makes all the money" (DUH!! it are their exams, their products, they are entitled to make billions and even more. )
    Instead of writing material based on the exam objectives (what we do) he reworded braindump questions, and 'stole' the other information (what Wyldstar called: "a large part of it is review material") from cramsession and MS copyright protected material.

    Currently this guy is only out for a quick buck, to help him cover the costs for his legal problems...
    Try the forums at and search for **** or ****, I believe Jason quoted some of ****'s newsletters and go to for more info about the legal case.

    **** was one of the worst kind of sites (together with the owner of cheetsheets, who is currently in jail) that are most destructive for the certification industry, your certification's value and the whole world's Information technology, litteraly!! Because they got away with it (for a couple of years at least) hundreds of other companies popped out of the ground like 'Alice' in a flower bed. And since the MS, CompTIA, Cisco (combined "the Security Council") and the cops and the FBI, finally did something about it, these companies went abroad where there are no copyright laws... the kind of countries where you can buy Windows XP for $1 on the streets, a fake rolex for $20 and all the original, in some cases slightly reworded, questions from every IT cert exam....

    Don't let this guy get back on his feet, he is the main source of the whole "braindumps-in-PDF-guides-problem"! You will be as much as responsible as he is...

    A last warning: when the cops and the FBI closed him down the major cert vendors (MS, Comptia and Cisco) wanted (and received) the complete customers contact database with information about all the people that cheated their way thru exams... CompTIA dediced to not take away the certs of those people.... that time.... trust me.... I know next time they will.

    Hmm.. I guess I will leave this topic intact afterall... allout.gif
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