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I have just already done the courses of the MCITP course for the 2008 certification, the infrasestructure and the active directory.

Now, i want to prepare the exams in the near future months, but when i go to the exam page in Microsoft, i read, that these exams will be retired in july 31.

What do you recomend me?

Prepare the 2008 version or the new 2012.

Thank you for your support


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    Only the exams for MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, DST, and Desktop Administrator are retiring. The MCITP:SA (also called MCSA 2008 -- it is both, until July 2013) is not retiring.

    My strong recommendation is to take 70-640, 70-642, and 70-646 over the next six months (or less, if feasible). That will get you MCSA 2008/MCIPT:SA, which is a great credential to start out with. From there, you will be able to upgrade to MCSA 2012 in one test, and work towards MCSE Server Infrastructure from there.
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    Fully agree with ptilsen complete your SA by another 6 months and then look for an upgrade to MCSA 2012 after Oct when 2012 will be launched. One more thing, try for Virtualization Exam also, it will help you on your way to MS Private Cloud.
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    Than k you for your replies

    I will take the exams as you said.
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