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Hey TE,

I was wondering what studying material most of you have used to pass the CompTIA A+, Security+, Network+, and Linux+. I was going to use the TestOut software just because of the Lab simulators but if there is something better through reading or simulators post em here. Anyways thanks guys.


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    I've seen the TestOUT questions for the A+ and to be honest I thought they were poor quality. The best questions I have found which are similar to the real thing as you can get are from Mike Meyers in my opinion.Downside is they are very expensive last time I checked.
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    Thanks for the response, ill take a look into his studying material. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    Definitely Mike Meyers. I really like is writing style. He has a good way of giving you all the information you need without boring you out of your mind. I find that reading Mike's book and watching the Professor Messer videos is a perfect compliment of each other. I haven't taken the test yet but I feel very confident based solely on these resources.
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    Some of Mike Meyers book, was kinda dry for me so I switched to the Exam Cram A+ book. Completely read that the two weeks leading up to my 701 test. Took another three weeks to take my 702 because I wasnt completely confident. Light studying of Messer videos and test exams leading up to 702. Passed both.
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