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I'm looking into getting some Linux certs. I have the L+ which was pretty decent. From my understanding, the RHCE is over $2000 just to sit ? (Please tell me I'm wrong)

What are your opinions on the LPI cert(s)? (is there more than one?)



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    Hi there,

    I did it last year, and with 2 years of Linux exp. I only studied 6 weeks before passing. It's faily decent. You can find infomation about topics on their website. I used the beforementioned information, compined with man pages.

    Redhat recommend getting LPI level 1 (LPIC1) before doing the RHCE. Novell requires you have LPIC1 before doing their Linux cert.

    In my opinion, LPIC1 is _the_ first linux cert one should pursue.
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    thanks, so you didnt use a book or anything like that? Just experience and studying the topics on their webpage?
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    On the LPI website, you can see a very detailed list of subjects. These include commands, files etc.
    I looked everything up (man pages) I didn't knew 100%. That's about it. My biggest problem was that I was using Gentoo at the time, but the exam focuses on redhat or debian (up to your own chosing). I chose redhat, and due to me not having experience with redhat specific tools, I fuc*ed quite a lot of questions regarding those subjects.
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    thanks for the help man
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