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Just wondering if any of you guys encountered any printer questions on your A+ 702 because I'm going to take mine on the 17th...icon_study.gif


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    I have not taken A+, But as far as I know printer questions are included. Questions regarding How to Setup and Clean laser printer, Setting up network printer. It is good to know prior to the exam.

    Good luck with the exam.
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    I'm trying to remember because its been a while since i took the A+ but i believe i only got 1 or 2 direct questions on printers. but on some of the questions i got they asked me what the standard is for something and had some printer terminology as wrong answers.
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    I took my 702 a few weeks ago and there were a few questions about printers. From what I remember they were all troubleshooting type questions.
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    If you were to get questions on the A+ it would be things like what todo if a printer isnt working, make sure its on, restart print spooler, kill jobs in the print queue, make sure it has the correct drivers, The maintenance kit contains a feed roller and fuser unit.

    Any questions give me a shout!
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    If memory serves me right they asked the name of the components. Like what kind of printer heats up before printing and you would name the printer. Something along those lines.
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    took it last week (passed btw), it was pretty printer heavy. just study up on what everyone else has said and dont stress, you might just get one question on printers
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    I took the test in August and yes mine was very printer heavy too.

    At least for my test the following was good to know:

    Causes of print errors / decreased quality
    The laser printer process
    Troubleshooting network printer problems
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    If it is on the syllabus, it could get asked, so know it.

    Bear in mind too that you will be working with printer issues regularly in the real world, so no point in trying to hide from them.
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