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Hi everyone.

Studying for the Sec+ exam. Bought the Gibson book on SYO 301 and then got a good deal on the site for the Sec+ exam if taken by the 8th of Sept. Went for it. Now come to find out it is for the JKO-018 exam, not the SYO-301. Aparently they are the saem exam. However, when I went to sign up for the JKO exam, it si 175. The SYO is 276, and I paid 225 for my voucher. Kinda confused. Any help is appreciated in understanding the diff between the JKO and SYO exams, and why JKO is cheaper? Can you register for JKO as a nobody online?


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    From my understanding JK0-010 is for CompTIA E2C members (for educators in schools who train people to go into IT).
    Same exam though basically. There are other threads about this same topic.
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    I believe the JKO just means the voucher was obtained using an educational discount of some kind. And no, I don't believe just anyone can buy it.
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