Opinions on CED Solutions Boot Camp for Security Career Path

CyltinCyltin Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
Greetings fellow certification seekers.

So, update on my progress, testing for A+ Thursday and Friday.

The real reason I'm here though is to ask if people have an opinion on CED Solutions bootcamp. It seems like a good deal, get five certifications including CISSP and CEH over a month long bootcamp for a set fee... but I was wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with them in the past and whether they're a reputable company.

As a side note, I realize that I need two more years of Security experience before I'm actually certified CISSP whether I pass the exam or not, but it's my understanding that I'll be an ISC2 associate until I meet those requirements.

Would love any feedback you all have.


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