Passed SY0-301 Today

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Whew, what a doozy. I managed to pass the exam today with the help of Darril Gibson's "Get Certified, Get Ahead SY0-301 Study Guide- THANKS Darril! The CompTIA Security+ mobile app, Tech Exams study guide, and Professor Messer. Although I will say the answers I "think" I got wrong were not covered in any of those sources. (Probably something I would've covered in Network+) For the record, I knew every term in Darril's book inside and out. I knew why answers were right and could define why the other terms were wrong. The CompTIA practice Exam was a complete waste of time. Although, you get a feel for how questions are worded. Sometimes I felt like I was reading legal-speak.

Oh well off to study Network+. I am using Mike Meyers, any other suggestions?


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    Hey, congratulations! First cert? I found the wording in my Network+ test to be real confusing and I have heard this from others as well. I guess going into CompTIA tests we just have to accept that some questions are not going to make sense at all. But hey, you made it through. You are probably giving away a little more about the test then they would like (try not to talk about actual question content), but it is good to know that Darril's book strikes again! I am currently reading it myself and have never heard a bad thing about it. So congrats again and make sure to update your certs field in your profile!
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    First, you fight the test. Then you fight your knowledge. Grats man.
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    Congratz! Darril Gibson actually has Network + test questions ---may want to check that out!
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass. Glad to know the book and mobile app helped. There's a mobile app for the Network+ too that you might like.

    Good luck.
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