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I have graduated from community college with diploma in computer and network support. I have been looking for a job since May and got CCNA, ITIL, A+ and MCDST(70-680). I have not able to find anything that will help me to get into IT. Is there any other certification that will help me to find entry level job like help desk or noc technician?


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    You may want to look at getting yourself an MCTS on Windows Server 2008. HR schmucks are usually fed a few abbreviations and the MCTS and CCNA are the most common ones they know. Besides that the knowledge you'll gain may help you during an interview.

    What kind of jobs are you targetting? It may well be the case that you have a decent resume (I think you had it critiqued here on TE, right?) but you are not targetting the right jobs or there's something wrong with your interview skills or perhaps you dont have a good cover letter. If English isnt your first language, try improving your commmunication skills. Anything to give you that extra bit you likely need during an interview.

    Download ESXi 5 and play with it on your computer. That way you can put something on the resume about virtualization, show the interviewer you keep up with technology and dont hesitate to try new things.

    IT can be tough to break into, especially in this global economy. Once you are in, there's no looking back. It's a pretty rewarding field, that's for sure. Good luck, I hope you land something soon.
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    I would sanitize your resume and then post. Let us critique your resume and help you shape it. This could be more important than getting an extra cert.
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    Thanks everyone for their input. I have attached my resume with this reply.
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    I actually like the resume. I would go ahead and list your certs this way though:

    CompTIA A+
    Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
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    The 70-680 is the MCTS Windows 7 exam and you might want to list it like that instead of MCDST. I's also take off the front desk manager and remove desired positions since they could be different between companies.
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    move to Alberta brother.
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    If you have a job for me in Alberta, I can fly tomorrow:).
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    Check indeed.ca,edmontonjobshop.ca (not sure with the domain), workopolis, monster, Post your resume and cover letter over here - Resume is a huge factor in getting a job, as the employer sees your personality and skills out of the resume.

    And how much do you want to earn so I have idea. Entry level jobs are around 40-45k, mid level are from 45-50, Government Organizations such as Edmonton Police Services, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Blue Cross, University of Alberta etc. I don't know how IT is in Calgary, But with the Certs you have and luck, you will get a job easily here in Edmonton.

    I have heard CNC Machinists and Instrumentation Guys are paid a lot better than IT folks here. LOL
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