CCDA to become CCNA:Design?

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I just wonder if they're going to eventually rename the CCDA to CCNA:Design.

Look at the last example:

CCIP (Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional). It's now CCNP:Service Provider

Is there a reason why the Design track is the odd-ball of them all?
Maybe they're going to be overhauled sometime in the nearish future?
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    SteveO86SteveO86 Member Posts: 1,423
    Not sure but since they have been doing the re-branding of the exams, both CCDA and CCDP were updated from the 64x-873 to the 64x-874 version, also the CCDE is only a few years old at this point. Once would think they would have re-branded it CCIE: Design, but since they didn't it almost makes you think Cisco has other plans.
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    powmiapowmia Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 322
    I think Cisco is intentionally leaving the differentiation between the implementation tracks and the design track. Also, there used to be a CCIE Design, but that was a failed experiment and Cisco retired that cert. My bet is that the DA, DP, and DE are here to stay.
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    xocityxocity Member Posts: 230
    Powmia ... I just wanted to point out there there are a lot of crazy acronyms under your Certifications and wanted to say.... You are one awesome individual.
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    powmiapowmia Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 322
    Finally someone agrees with me! ;)
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