VMware Going 'All In' with BYOD

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Interesting article about VMware going all in with BYOD devices for all its 6000 US Employees. As per this article they have given a 90 day deadline to transition from company owned devices to BYOD devices. The plan calls for 6,000 employees to transition their existing phones from company-liability to personal-liability. The employees have to take ownership of the phone itself and call the wireless carrier to change over liability (sounds like unlimited fun) icon_lol.gifAnother option: They can pay out of pocket for any phone that supports BES or ActiveSync.

BYOD phones tapping into the network fall under VMware's acceptable use policy, giving VMware rights over the device. One is the right to wipe the device, which can lead to loss of personal data.
VMware Going 'All In' with BYOD | CIO Collaboration Network

The next phase will include laptops and tablets, while I am personally confident about the future of BYOD Laptop's & Desktops due to current Virtualization technologies like Citrix, VMware and MS. These technologies have the ability to leverage any Desktop/Laptop over an internet connection and secure the data as well as give a pretty good end user experience. I am not so sure about Mobile Devices

Your thoughts?
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    It works pretty well when there is a set list of approved devices. There are just far too many devices out there for it to be possible to support them all. Not to mention keep up with the security aspect of it.
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    Where I work we use Air Watch. We do this we have personal liability and corporate liability. We support both Apple and Android. The Android is our pain in the neck we don't limit what the user has other than what Air Watch wont' support (I believe 1.5 and back) its been about a year since we rolled it out and it works okay.
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    We are actually looking at the Blackberrys BYOD to work solution. It actuly looks quite good, works with active sync and puts some more security on top.

    Be interesting to see what they can do, might be the saving grace for them or there final death gasp. :)
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    I had a personal experience a few months back with a fortune 500 company which had changed its policy to allow BYOD across the globe for its employees, this was done without consulting with the Service Provider who supports the Infra. The only problem was that they were running Win2k3 Exchange infrastructure. Needless to say that the whole infrastructure just suffocated and stopped working causing complete disruption in email traffic as well as causing a large number of BYOD devices just crashing. In the end they had to stop service to a majority of the BYOD devices and initiate an expensive upgrade to Exchange 2010 after 2 weeks.
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