How to study and pass CISA ?

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Hi all

i have registered for the CISA exam next Dec.

so directly am jumping here to ask the experience whom passed that exam the popular question

what the best materials to study and pass the exam ??

Thank You


  • Vik210Vik210 Member Posts: 197
    I used review manual, CBT Nuggets and some sample tests.
    Review manual is a must have; CBT and sample questions can be secondary.
    I personally found this exam quite difficult and it covers a lot of topics. Make sure you plan well and devote enough time.
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    Thanks for your reply

    Review manual should be of the same year of the exam 2012 or if i studied from 2011 will be ok?

    am happy that u specially replied my question thank you again
  • Vik210Vik210 Member Posts: 197
    There are minor changes in 2012 manual but I am not sure if it’s worth buying it if you already have 2011 manual.
    I will wait for others to answer this one.
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    its little costly the book .. total cost 161$ to reach my home :)

    is there any way to purchased used or PDF ?

    sorry for disturbing u each and everytime
  • Vik210Vik210 Member Posts: 197
    Yaa, I don’t the price of that book either.
    Contact your local chapter; they may know someone who has used the book for June exam selling it.
    Personally speaking, I have that book and I think I am going to keep it for long. It’s a very good book for general reference.

    PS: Don't think its officially available in PDF.
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