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I'm having problems getting my head round setting up the networking for my lab setup (currently studying for 70-640). I've got a feeling I'm being stupid and missing something obvious but I appear to be suffering from a total brain freeze on the subject.

My setup;

- PC running Server 2008 R2, with VMware Workstation.
- PC is on 192.168.1.x network (which I need to keep as I've other stuff running on it).
- PC has 6 network ports, only 1 in use (for above network).
- 3 x Netgear GS108 switches (1 dedicated to the PC) connected to Draytek 2850vn router.

The question is; how do I set this up so I can run vm's on the PC (under Workstation) on a 10.0.0.x network which has access to the internet and other vm's but not to my 192.168.1.x network?


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    What is your current setup in Workstation?

    If you configure all the VM's on a NAT NIC and use the VMWare gateway address on the VM's (found under that network in the network settings in VMware) does that accomplish what you intended?

    If you are AD you should have name resolution through root hints once each server is promoted to a DC or connected as a member server. That may confuse you if you configure your static LAN IP and try to reach the internet before promoting the server to a domain controller as you have no DNS so it may seem as WAN access is not working.

    Also any reason you didn't use Hyper-V considering you are on Server 2008 anyways and studying for MS exams?
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    Thanks....I'm now reading up on the networking options within Workstation and will try what you've suggested. Don't know why I didn't think of that before - my brain appears to be on a go slow today. Pretty certain this is the answer as I'll be running all my MS lab machines on the PC under Workstation so it should work perfectly.

    As regards Hyper-V....you make a good point - the main reason is I simply don't like it. I ran it before on my lab and found it very limited compared to the VMware offerings. I'm also more interested in improving my VMware skills at present, I've got a VCP4 and want to go for the VCP5 sooner rather than later. Plus I run Fusion on my Mac and vSphere on my other lab server.

    I'll give Hyper-V another go once I get the Server 2008 exams out of the way and move on to Server 2012.
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    I run all mine via bridged mode and just run them through my 192 address. It just makes it easier for the moment, I do make the end number different through, So forest 1 is .71 and up and Forest 2 is .91 and and workstations are from .41
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