Interface types support by 'auto qos voip'?

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I just configured 'auto qos voip' on a 12.4T router's FastEthernet interface. The documentation claims this is impossible, which would seem strange since Catalyst IOS supports it on Ethernet switchports, so I verified. Can you confirm any other exceptions to its supposed restrictions? If FE works I suspect other Ethernet technologies will work--Ethernet, GigabiEthernet, and TenGigE. I'm also guessing that PoS is golden since PPP is running underneath.
General Restrictions
  • The AutoQoS for the Enterprise feature is supported on the following interfaces, data-link connection identifiers (DLCIs), and permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) only:
    • Serial interfaces with PPP or High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)
    • Frame Relay DLCIs in point-to-point subinterfaces only
    • ATM PVCs
The AutoQoS for the Enterprise feature is supported on low-speed and high-speed ATM PVCs in point-to-point subinterfaces.


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