Difference between N10-002 and N10-003?

RZetlinRZetlin Inactive Imported Users Posts: 155
I was in the middle of studying my Network+ based on the N10-002 material.

Due to work/school it took me longer to study for Network+ than I realize.

I find out N10-003 exam has been released.

I went and got the Cram Exam 2 with the N10-003 material, but my reference book is N10-002.

I don't feel like spending $50 for a new N10-003 reference book unless it's neccessary.

How much of a change between N10-002 and N10-003?

If I look over the Cram Exam 2 with the N10-003 material, will I be okay?


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    ninjazninjaz Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I took the N10-003 in the last part of May and it was a little difficult because all of the study material that I had was for the N10-002 test. The biggest difference is to not pay attention to a lot of the dial up stuff and the Win9x and pay more attention to the gigabitE material. I didn't pass with that great of a score because of my material but with a passing score of like 550 you shouldn't have a problem.
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