Passed Sec+, tips to pass along

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Hi everyone, just passed Sec+ with some room to spare.

I'm in a weird position where I am getting a BS IT from WGU but have no experience in IT and work as a process analyst. I don't plan on working in a "hands on" IT position, so I am basically a newbie and thought I would pass on some tips for others in a similar situation.

First off, get Darril's book, it was by far the best resource I used.
The LabSim that WGU provides is good, but I mainly used it for the practice tests.
The CompTIA website has practice exams and it now allows you to go back after your practice exam is scored and see their explanations for their answers. It was pretty similar to the actual test and if you can get an 80-85% on it you should be ready to take the real thing


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    Im thankful for stumbling across this thread, as I was scheduled to take my Network + test today and was disappointed that you didnt get to see what questions you missed on the Comptia practice test. I had enough time to do the practice test again and see what I was missing and understand why I missed it. Passed the the skin of my teeth no less, but passed. I came across this thread and Security + is next for me. Thanks!
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    Congratulations on the pass Glad the book helped and thanks for posting the change on Comptia's site now including explanations with the answers. That's sure to be valubalble for many people.

    Good luck finishing the degree at WGU.
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