Failed CISSP with 658. Is it really far from passing?

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I failed CISSP with 658 for the first attempt. I am always suggested to retake ASAP. But in fact I don't know if 658 is still far from pass rate at 700. I just know that I missed 42 points to pass, but I don't know how many questions I failed. Can I simply divide it by four (4)? For example, score 1000/4 = 250 questions , so 42/4 will be about 11 questions or a bit more. If this method is true, it may be possible for me to improve only my weakest domains and retake ASAP. But I am afraid that if the score count is not linear (like TOEFL), that is 42 points may be equal to much more 11 questions, it would be difficult to increase the score to 700 in short time. So, I may not retake soon, but study much harder for several months. Thanks.


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    Welcome to TE.

    From what I've read it seems questions are weighted differently, which makes it difficult to determine how many you needed to answer correctly in order to pass. Were you very strong in some domains and weak in others?
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    I'm not sure if the test is scored linearly, but I would personally recommend retaking the exam relatively soon. You aren't too far off from a pass. I'd highly recommend alotting enough time to study your weakest domains. The time will depend on your study habits, but a month sounds reasonable to me. Don't put this off for 3 or 4 months, because that can often do more harm than good if you let your momentum slide.

    Make sure that you take plenty of practice exams to verify your knowledge. Get an additional study source (book or videos, for instance) to supplement whatever study materials you've been using. With a little effort, second time should be a charm!
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    If you really know the material you won't need to worry about passing the exam.

    Don't aim for the finish line; aim for way past it.
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    Thank you everyone. I will work for it and retake the exam soon in a month!
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    kongi said:
    Thank you everyone. I will work for it and retake the exam soon in a month!
    Did you pass?  :)
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