Taking the A+ exam in october and have a couple questions

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Hey all Ive been procrastinating on taking the exam for awhile. I finally came to a point in my education where I have to take an A+ prep course for my degree and passing the A+ exam is a requirement of the course.

Im currently studying using
Examcram 5th edition 701-702
Professor Messer
And 31 days before your Comptia A+ exam (school textbook)

I have a few questions
Question 1
I have read on Pages 61 and 64 of Examcram that we no longer refer to FSB as FSB instead intel and AMD have done away with them in favor of Quickpath Interconnect and HyperTransport Technology. However my teacher says this is incorrect. Is this true?

Question 2
Page 5 of 31 days Before your Comptia A+ exams says that BTX is the mos common motherboard on the market today. However I was under the impression that BTX did not take off and ATX is still the standard.

Question 3
Ive been using the examcram practice test and tests on this site as a way of figure out how ready i am for the 701 exam. I was just wondering how much of the questions on the exam cram practice tests are similar to the 701? Not sure if i worded the last sentence correctly. Is it a good way to gauge your knowledge for the 701?

Thanks and sorry for the long post!


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    I passed the 701/702 last month using Examcram, the CompTia practice tests and Messer's videos and felt like i was more than prepared for the exams. The examcram questions were mostly similar to the test, i know it says in the book that if you are getting 80% and above on the practice tests you should be ok with the test.
    I hard a hard time trusting that but in the end it proved to be pretty accurate. Don't worry so much about the questions that are on the test, rather understand the material. If you know the answers and the reason behind them you'll be fine. The format is essentially the same.

    One thing that did surprise me though was i had a lot more printer and networking questions than i expected. Including a question on the OSI model.

    Good luck
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    question 1: its on page 63 in the "notes" section and its only intel with the i7 processor doin qpi, to my knowledge AMD is not involved with this.

    question 2: ATX is the most common still

    question 3: like ginamiah said, learn the material and you will be fine. what i did was write down the answers of the practice test on a sheet of paper, then reviewed them when i was done and made a note of the questions i got wrong and the ones i guessed on then studied those more.
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    Question 2 in today's industry is ATX and for the exam it is ATX. BTX is only used because of it cooling capabilities,

    Questions 3 I think if you watch all the professor messer videos and then compare what you know to the actual exam objectives, thats the best way to know your ready for this exam.

    Any questions just ask!
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    Thanks for he replies guys. Im doing my best to study hard and pass this beast! So far it looks like im weak in printer and networking. I'll give it my best!
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    Thanks for he replies guys. Im doing my best to study hard and pass this beast! So far it looks like im weak in printer and networking. I'll give it my best!

    haha my 701 was printer, networking, and professionalism heavy..... doesnt mean your will be though
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    Are u enrolled in a community school or private?
    A.S. - Computer Networking Student (Spring 2014)

    CompTIA A+ (passed 10/2012) ----> CompTIA Net+ ----> CCENT :study: ---> CCNA ---> ???
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    Hah, I keep hearing that everyone has the most trouble with printers. I guess I got lucky being a printer technician for 2 years.
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    I love IT and Networking , but I don't like printers so much!
    Is Exam Cram book enough in order to pass Comptia A+ ?
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    @ Someasiandude - I goto community college. Im 6 classes away from my associates degree. icon_smile.gif

    @Everyone else yesterday my instructor started talking about a new version of BTX coming out soon. Anyone heard of this?
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