first try with VMWare workstation 8 & can't telnet

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I just loaded VMWare Workstation 8 onto my windows 7 x64 (w7x64). I had trouble loading XP 64 so ,I just loaded the OS windows XP pro 32 on VM. 32bit xp seems to work fine. I installed java 1.4.2_05, Cisco SDM, and a terminal emulator ZocPro.

I can ping my Router from the cmd in vm, but i can not telnet or connect threw serial port com1 rs232 in vm . When I try and use Cisco SDM, I get too the sign on and enter my user name and password, but then my next gui is only a bunch of html java stuff.

I do not know if i explain enough, (?).

edit post now:

i can telnet: i choose com2 instead of com 1,
telnet works. Now i go threw SDM

So I got that all worked out.

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