70-417 Exam Prep Material

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So I've got a question for some of the people who have been taking the 70-417 Beta exam. What resources have you used to study? The only suggestion I've found so far is to use Technet for the 2012 library.

I recently certified as an MCITP:EA for Server 08, but I used the MS Press Books, and lab/on the job work to study the material. While I definitely can do some lab work with Server 12, the technet material is just so dry to try to read through.

Is there any word on when the MS Press Books will be ready? If the exam goes live on September 17th as was mentioned in another thread, what is Microsoft's expectation for your study path, just Technet?

Thanks for any feedback, this is the first time I'll be jumping on a newly designed batch of exams.


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