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Just went through the NetIOC best practices pdf from VMware and a couple of things aren't clear to me. I'd appreciate if someone can shed some light on this please.

1. System network resource pool. When you enable NetIOC on the vDS and dont configure a user-defined pool, does the system pool do anything? I mean you cant attach it to a port group, so does it apply to the entire vDS? Or does it not do anything? I know I can test this myself but I dont have a traffic generator to simulate contention.

2. How does traffic shaping work with NetIOC? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like traffic shaping is for more granular control of the traffic flows. So if there multiple vMotions, you could throttle a particular port group configured for vMotion. And NetIOC is outbound traffic only, while the traffic shaper works inbound and outbound.

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    It's been while since I looked at NetIOC, so I could be wrong.

    1. System network resource pool applies to vDS. When there's contention, its invoked. Same thing with user-defined pool.

    2. Traffic shaping applies to individual hosts while NetIOC applies to the cluster, so NetIOC give you a better control.
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    Thanks for the reply Dave.
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