Amazing New Tool for Learning and Debugging SQL

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SQL Fiddle! Build your schema and insert data then run queries and even see the execution plan. You can use multiple RDMSes including Oracle and SQL Server 2012.

Here is an example: SQL Fiddle


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    Awesome, thanks for the share. Might want to edit your link, though, if that is your real birthday.

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    He's a fellow Virgo! :)
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    Great toolset thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the link. icon_study.gif
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    Cool, thanks for sharing
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    So you have a Table, let's say joined Sales Order Detail with Part, and Inventories and you need to get the most recent SO for each part number. How would you write the query?

    Here is a simplified schema:
    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Part]
       [part_no] VARCHAR(5)
      ,[rev] CHAR
      ,[on_hand] TINYINT
      ,[safety_stock] TINYINT
      ,[so_no] VARCHAR(5)
      ,[so_date] DATETIME
    INSERT [dbo].[Part]
    SELECT '12345', 'A', 10, 15, 'S1234', '12/14/2009' UNION ALL
    SELECT '12345', 'A', 10, 15, 'S1233', '10/01/2009' UNION ALL
    SELECT '12345', 'A', 10, 15, 'S1232', '08/02/2009' UNION ALL
    SELECT '12346', '',  5, 0, 'S1231', '08/01/2009' UNION ALL
    SELECT '12347', '-', 0, 0, 'S1230', '10/20/2009' UNION ALL
    SELECT '12347', '-', 0, 0, 'S1229', '07/15/2009'

    Here is a potential answer:
    SQL Fiddle
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