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Hi All

I am about to start studying for my ITIL2011 exam, and just wanted to know if this book is suffice?

Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam: 2011 Edition (English Version) : Paperback : David Pultorak, Jon E. Nelson, Vince Pultorak : 9789087536640



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    I've not seen that one before. Looks new. Book I am using is the OCG but it covers the slightly older V3. I also looked at Mike Shannons video series but fell asleep although its a bit better than the books.

    To be honest ITIL is really all about memorising a lot of useless information so i'm sure any book will suffice. I booked my exam for next week. I'm only doing it because a lot of companies ask for it.
    I'm an Xpert at nothing apart from remembering useless information that nobody else cares about.
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    You can get the Kindle versions of a lot of the ITIL 2011 books for a lot cheaper. I think I have two books, and one that has just questions and didnt pay more than 9.99 each.

    Of course, you can get the Kindle app for anything (PC, Mac, Ipad, Android) for free and read on there.
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    The CBT Nuggets videos are good, they held my interest all the way through, I agree though, the Foundation is a memory game, you need to know what the key phrases are, and not what they actually mean
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    Most of the ITIL stuff is bs. It's illogical and very ostentatious and gives the impression it was created by a bunch of unskilled managers who wanted to make themselves look clever. It really is the height of shi*
    I'm an Xpert at nothing apart from remembering useless information that nobody else cares about.
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    It depends what you do. When I was working as ‘support engg’ for a big organisation, I actually though the same. Now when I am bit high up in the hierarchy I can actually see how important it is to have a system/ standard/ framework in place. My client’s employee strength is little over 25k and there is no way we can achieve our targets and meet SLAs without following such frameworks. Actually, we won’t even be able to define SLAs!
    So if you don’t see how important it is – you are not working in an ITIL environment or you are not at a level from where you can relate your profile/ working with the actual framework.
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