70-646 Book Recs?

Hey guys, I am looking for some book recommendations for the 70-646. I am starting a course at the end of the month at my community college based around the Microsoft Official Academic Course Series book. I haven't read anything favorable on this book on reviews or TE so I am looking to supplement my reading with another book. From my understanding the MOAC book doesn't cover R2, so what ever supplemental book I get would preferably cover R2. If there was a video series available that would actually be ideal, but it seems like the 70-646 gets the short end of the stick as far as training material. Any suggestions?


  • MutataMutata Posts: 176Member
    Most threads I've seen have commonly recommended

    Microsoft Self-Paced Training Kit 70-646 R2
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed
    Technet Resources

    & Lab like crazy.
  • zrockstarzrockstar Posts: 378Member
    Thanks Mutata. I went down to Barnes today and looked through some of the books. I think am going to go with Unleashed since I am looking for more of a supplement and not a full cert guide. From what I have read, the self-paced series isn't that relevant for the test anyways. I think with the MOAC book and online lab system and Unleashed and Technet, I should be in good shape... at least I hope.
  • MutataMutata Posts: 176Member
    I am liking the self-paced training kits. They don't always go detailed enough, but the exercises and self tests are useful. The Unleashed book is awesome. Technet for me is a great resource, but really bombards you with an incredible amount of information. The MOAC books were decent from what I remember of using them in college.. are you writing the 646 first , or have you already done 640 - 642 ?
  • zrockstarzrockstar Posts: 378Member
    Well they have the sequence going 646, 640, 642, and I was hoping on doing them in the order I take them while things are fresh, but I have read that 640 and 642 have a lot of info for 646. Is that true? I ordered Unleashed last night by the way and I should be picking up my MOAC book today. I have been tooling around with server over the last couple weeks just doing some light duty setup, so I am pretty excited to start this track.
  • MutataMutata Posts: 176Member
    The general consensus is they build upon each other to a certain degree. Most people start with either 640/646. Who had the order starting with 646? Looking at the MCSA 2008 (MCSA: Windows Server 2008 Certification)which is the same requirements as MCITP:SA the order they have is 640-642-646. Personally I'm starting with 640, I took Windows Server courses in college (although 2003 at the time). I just tend to over study.. I'm 4 pages into the Self-Paced book for 640 and they mentioned Kerberos, I wanted to know how it worked now I am 8 pages deep in Kerberos notes.
  • zrockstarzrockstar Posts: 378Member
    Mutata, that is my schools track 646, 640, 642. I wish it was in order, I don't know why they are doing it this way, but it is a small enough school that only one class is offered per term so you have to take it in that sequence.
  • CrikeyCrikey Posts: 59Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    I passed the 640 with the self paced book, Unleashed, and Technet. I'm using them again for the 646.

    Ultimately, passing the exams really comes down to this: know the material, and read the questions carefully. Taking a cert exam is a skill in and of itself.

    The self paced exercises are ok, but sometimes they really just are a lot of handholding. If you really want to get serious do the suggested practices, and create your own forests and domains. Over and over.
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