MCTS Win 7 help needed!

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I am now looking at 70-680 after nearly a year after i first installed it in my pc as a virtual OS(oracle virtual box). I have win 7 enterprise and server 2008 demos but the demo license has expired. However it still appears to work but there's a warning about updates not being functional. I think now is the time i start doing some microsoft certs so what better way to start than with win 7
will having a trial that has expired be ok to use?
reinstalling the win 7 and server 2008 doesn't renew the trial.
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    You are going to want to use Server 2008 R2 for the lab. That is the current server version for this exam. You can rearm the trial by typing in slmgr.vbs /rearm at a command prompt to reactivate, but I would definitely reload with R2.
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