Did the new objectives start yet?

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Hi everyone, im mostly a reader of this site (awesome site by the way!). Im just wondering if the new A+ objectives has been activated yet? Im ready to schedule my test, but I may take an extra week or two to review the new stuff over again if they are on the test. Thanks.


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    No not yet, and if they will have in two week, they will not score the questions from the new objectives untill later this year, so go ahead, schedule and pass ;)
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    No the new A+ objectives have not been activated as yet. According to CompTIA the 2003 upgraded version of the A+ exams will become effective in the late third quarter to early fourth quarter (exact date to be determined) of 2003. This should be in September.

    To give candidates, teachers and courseware providers a chance to prepare, information on new content is made available at www.comptia.org early in the calendar year. During the summer new test questions will be added to the test, but do not count toward the final score. Tests will be in conventional format, with no more than 90 questions total on each test.

    Changes incorporated in the 2003 Upgrade are not major. The certification content continues to validate that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to competently install, build, configure, upgrade, troubleshoot and repair personal computer compatible hardware and PC operating systems, including troubleshooting basic network and Internet connectivity, dial-up, DSL, and cable.

    In addition, the 2003 Upgrade covers the latest memory, bus, peripherals, operating systems (Me and XP) and wireless.

    For further info check this link below

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    cool thanks for the help :) I will definitely try to post more, I like this place :)

    Well I guess I can tell you about me. Im Tom :) im 20 years old and live in new jersey. Im currently working as a PC technician/Computer Operator. I went to school a year ago for Computer networking and tech support. Im new to the world of certs. Im ready for my A+ exams, then after that I will see where I can go from there. Probably Network+. anyway thanks for help icon_cool.gif
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    good luck
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