Need advice concerning the preparation of MCITP Windows 7 EDA exams

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By the way, I am falling in love with this site. I'm already finding a lot of resources for the exams. Currently, my resources, besides the ones off this website are, Windows 7 Configuration text book and lab book by Craig Zacker, Windows 7 Resource Kit, and the Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Administrator Self-Paced Training Kit. Is this along with what is in the stickies for this exam enough to prepare me for the exam. I am a desktop support person and have 3 years experience in my current environment. I have a A+ and Network+ on the 2009 exam editions. My background is in XP currently. Have very little Windows 7 experience. My goal is to eventually become a network administrator in the next 5 years. I am looking for a place that offers free practice exams for the Windows 7 Configuration exams. Any recommendations.


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    I took the exam back in early 2009 when it was in beta. The only information that existed as preparation was what we compiled in the stickies. I was a net/sys admin at the time with a very strong background in troubleshooting desktop and server systems. I passed the exam in the 850s using only what we compiled here, as I mentioned. But I will tell you YOU MUST lab this up as much as possible. Use the tools. Just study isn't going to cut it.

    Also, in 2011 many of the errors we found in the TechNet and AIK documentation were still there. If you get stuck try again but come here and ask questions before you pound your head. We found a number of issues; I just can't think of specifics at this moment.
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    Thank you Robert. I appreciate the input.
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