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I have no experience in I.t however I am currently studying towards a Comptia A+ course. I am wondering what courses to take next? I don't think I would get a job with just one course, so do i go straight onto microsoft qualifications or move onto network+ etc? Would it help to get work exp in a computer repair shop?


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    I would move onto the Network+ after the A+, unless you decide you want to do networking. In that case, I'd start on the CCNA. If you find yourself interested in desktop support, then starting on the 680 exam would probably be a good choice.
  • Drupz21Drupz21 Member Posts: 19 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Do you know how long the N+ would take? And for work exp, would you say working in a computer shop would be good?
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    I'd say go for the N+, even if you are looking to get into CCNA. Mostly just for the introduction to networking. You'll be bombarded with acronyms, facts, theories, configurations... If you don't have the foundation knowledge, it'll cause frustrations later.

    Even if you decide not to take the test for the Network+, buy the book. Read over it. Make sure you know the basics.

    The Network+ will take whatever long it takes. Everyone has different circumstances: Full-Time student vs Full-Time Worker. Different dedication levels, Different levels of motivation.

    I did my Security+ within a month. No experience prior. It's said to be the harder exam. However, it's one test and I studied during work!

    I'm not sure of the scope of the exam or the material for Network+ anymore. It's been a long while for me!
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    Thanks for all the help that I need for now!
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