Rusty and needing guidance or what to do where to go.

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Okay, here's my story. I've worked as a telecom tech for the past several years, basically all I do is pull cable, splice, punch down, mount and connect routers occasionally load a config file and troubleshoot wiring problems. I feel like I'm not learning anything that can keep me marketable in case I would want or need to find another position.

I have my A+, and Net+ but I got those about 10 years ago and although I can refresh on those I'm a bit lost on what I should work on to improve my resume. I 'm don't have any experience doing anything with PBX and might want to go that direction. I've been looking at the CCENT and it sounds like something that might be a good choice but what would it be good for?

Entry level networking position? Does it make any sense to take that for telecom or specifically PBX ? And I've been looking at the course work and I'm a bit confused is there more than one test for the CCENT? What's the best way to study for it?



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    If you are looking into networking and the CCENT seems to basic you could go straight to the CCNA. The CCNA is offered as one exam or two. The CCENT is the first exam in the two exam track.

    For telecom a lot of phone systems are Voice over IP so a good introduction to networking would also be good for that area.

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    Well, like I said, I'm pretty rusty, how much more difficult is the CCNET than Net+? I'm also trying to figure out it there is some sort of cert for basic PBX. I have wiring experience but nothing Vendor specific.
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