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Dear all,
I've a Master Degree in Information Engineering (I live in Rome,Italy) and I've started to work as Security Consultant for Hewlett Packard. I'm really interested in the field of business risk managment (with a deep "inquisitiveness" for financial aspect).
Now I've to decide a Certification Program, my boss propose me the GIAC G2700, it is interesting but I believe that this certification doesn't meet well my interest and I want to make a conterproposal.

I'm writing to you for some tips and/or advice, to choose a certification that could meet my interests.

Thanks in advance,


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    Hi and welcome to TE.

    Perhaps you may want to explore the ISACA's CRISC body of knowledge. I may be appropriate for your interest.

    Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control - IT Certification - CRISC | ISACA
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    CISA / CRISC / CISSP are the way to go
    perhaps ITIL Certificates? they are not so related with auditing side though
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    First of all, thank you very much for your response.
    "Googling" infos I've found this certification program: The Professional Risk Manager (PRM™) ( Exam - Professional Risk Managers' International Association), it seems very interesting, do you think it's too different with my actual work? Or do you think it is better to start from another certification to get PRM?

    I've also read about CRISC, one of the problem is that I've just started to work and I don't meet job requirements.

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    What about: The Associate Professional Risk Manager (Associate PRM) PRMIA certificate ???
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    Hi Pasquale - the PRM isn't an IT certification. I think its an interesting one but the only people that I know with that designation are money managers and finance analyst.
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    Thanks, for the reply.
    Which is the most similar certification in IT field? I like to improve my "managerial" point of view (in the future I'd like to be a business risk manager not only related to IT technical aspect) and this is the reason why I've seen the Associate Professional Risk Manager.
    Do you suggest me to start from another one and only then move to this one? Do you think that this certification can't be useful for me?

    Sorry for this huge icon_rolleyes.gif number of question, I'm a little bit confused icon_redface.gificon_redface.gif

    edit: What about: PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)? I've seen that it request an high number of work hour (that I don't have). There are some begineer certs before go to PMI-RMP??

    Thanks in advance.
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