need Help with my teminal server can't get more than 5 vty lines sessions

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After doing some searches it seems I have hit the wall.

I bought additional memory for my server so i could flash it with the better IOS to get more vty lines.

I can get five seperate tabs sessions connected to five different routers and switches in secureCRT by reverse telneting, apparently that means i am configured correctly.

I have flashed my 2509 with c2500-is-26.bin, ( I am not certain if this flash is the one i should use but it is the newest from Cisco).

I am not able to telnet in directly as stated in the post a year ago by forsaken.
It just fails every time i try: In CRT I open a (Quick telnet 2005 = fail

I don't want to just go and re-flash the AS because it is alot bigger job doing Xboot>


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    Did you try to telnet your access server's IP with the 4 digit port number after it? Sounds like you did..

    Hmm, make sure you can ping the access server, that all of the host-to-port mappings are working on the access server, and that the vty lines are setup correctly on each of the devices.. i.e. no access lists, login enabled, etc. Other than that not sure
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    I can ping it yes, I can access all my routers and switches threw the serial rs232 port. It is slow and it is sucky to have to do Ctrl+Shift+6 + x to change devices. Also you need to do Clear Line and enter enter confirm often.

    The multi tab connection is great and fast, but i can only connect 5 tabs now.

    Yes I did the telnet 2001 but i get fail no connect.

    If I Reverse telnet to the transever interface ethernet 0's ip address,
    then i am on access server>.
    then I can go to any of my 5 vty lines.
    If i try to telnet to the async terminal **** host s1 2001} by selecting the telnet gui in secureCRT and typing 2001 it will fail.
    It is old and had the 11. flash ver. with vty 0 - 4 only
    I bought the 8 meg flash 16 meg DRAM upgrade
    now it is 16flash/16 DRAM
    I put in the 12. ios but still only have vty 0 - 4.
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    Ie, instead of telnetting to the access server on port 23 like you have been, try telnetting to port 2010 instead. ANd then open a new session and telnet to port 2011, and so on. it should work fine, as long as you've configured your line access properly. ...

    See above from Forsaken from one of the threads you posted, and the image you posted below that. Your hostname should be ONLY, and below it, for the port, change from 23 to 2001.
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    Wow it works now! Thanks.

    You saved me lots of time thanks mattlee09!

    It is sooo much faster than rs232 holly crap!
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