Whats the difference?

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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to ask a question which im really confused about whats the difference between the linux LPIC-1 and the Linux RHCE.

I'am really interested in learning linux but I dont know which one I should learn RHCE or LPIC1?

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.



  • al3kt.R***al3kt.R*** Member Posts: 118
    Dear friend, to put it simple, there are 2 key differences btw the 2 certs you've mentioned:

    1. LPIC-1 is entry-level, while RHCE is intermediate to high level cert (knowledge & skills required)
    2. LPI certs are vendor- & flavor-neutral, while RHCE (and RHCSA) are Red-Hat-Enterprise-Linux (RHEL©) targeted certs.

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