Windows Server 2008 Unleashed

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A few people have recommended this book and I was wondering which one of them to get, there a few different Authors and I was wondering which is the best of them. I would appreciate all recommendations and opinions. By the way, I'm studying for 70-640.



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    PsoasmanPsoasman Member Posts: 2,687 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Make sure you get the R2. Amazon carries it. Good read.

    Amazon.com: server 2008 r2 unleashed
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    The 640 covers a lot of ground. Or more correctly stated: Active Directory covers a lot. I'm in the middle of studying it now, and (for reasons unknown) I began breaking it into two areas: 1) group policy and 2) the rest.

    I rely on Microsoft's 70-640 Toolkit book (edition 1 for server 2008, and edition 2 for server 2008 R2) as my introductory guide into a topic. It includes labs with each section, and often I'll do a lab before reading the subject matter that is associated with that lab. Makes the material less "dry" and I can relate to it better that way. Once I get a decent understanding of a topic, I'll delve into Technet for the "real" education. And of course, lab, lab.

    That approach wasn't working well with the group policy stuff, so I bought a really great book to help out there. It is Group Policy, written by Jeremy Moskowitz (2010). When getting it I became worried about how thick it was. But reading it is enjoyable to the point of sometimes not wanting to put it down. The author writes in an entertaining way, and goes into each gpo in considerable depth. I'm about finished with the book, and I feel like I've worked with group policy for several years. (We'll see if this feeling is correct when I take the 70-640.)

    Good luck on your studies
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    I didn't find it particularly groundbreaking for 70-643, but the 640-related material looks pretty good.
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