What study for CCNP - KEY TOPIC

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Hello people!
I'm new in this site and I hope to be forgiven if someone has just post a similar question.

I'm studying for CCNP route and I've noted on the Official Certification Guide the phrase "key topic" near some paragraphs.
Are these paragraphs the only thinks that will be asked at the exam or other part of the book would be demanded too?


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    Without breaking NDA, it will be VERY worth your while to know the key topics inside and out
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    Ok, I'm tryng to study all the concepts without omit anything.
    But what about chapter 19? Are the configurations of DSL and VPN required by the certifications??...They are not explaned in depht, they are only just shown with little explantation.
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    No one can tell you what you will be required to configure on the exam. That being said, the exam blue print states the following:

    • Implement basic teleworker and branch services
    • Describe broadband technologies
    • Configure basic broadband connections
    • Describe basic VPN technologies
    • Configure GRE
    • Describe branch access technologies

    Based on that I'd be prepared by knowing the steps to configure these technologies.
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    If you are at a CCNP level, it is a strong assumption that you want to learn the material.

    Want to.


    Every objective, treat it as the most critical one.

    Not just for the test, but for your technical competency.

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    Just study the whole book lol. The best advice anyone can give as to your question is to simply look at the exam objectives from Cisco's site. The OCG and its "key topics" are basically a good representation of that, but not necessarily an end all for everything that you will be tested on.

    I know the difficulties of studying for ROUTE.. you got your ospf, eigrp, bgp, etc and then all of a sudden all of these extra topics they throw on towards the end. That's kind of like SWITCH in terms of their advanced services and switch security topics. What I did with SWITCH is starts with those topics so that they were in my head, and then go towards the larger more fundamental topics.

    I did this because: for ROUTE, I know that by the time I got to those end of the book topics, I started eyeing the end of the book.. and thinking about scheduling the exam.. And maybe didn't spend enough time at the end because I was rushing.

    For the most part, the books include everything that's tested, but text is just text. Anyone can read text. But can you apply the things you learned in the text? The best thing is to try to incorporate as many of the topics as possible into a lab. You should spend more time labbing than reading.

    The CCNP is a giant leap forward from CCNA imo. To me, if you have the CCNP, but can't remember basic stuff, then it's a problem. My point is don't rush it, the more time spent the better.
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