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Has anyone ever been to GlobalNet Training? I know it is a bootcamp and we are all against them, but I know the material so it would just be a refresher and a chance to get away from work to get the certs. It is a Todd Lammle company, and he writes very good books as you are all aware.
I want to get my MCSE:Security and there are not too many places that do it. Bootcamps suck, but I thought since this is a Todd Lammle training company maybe it will be better.
Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


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    debdebdebdeb Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    They do have other non-bootcamp classes and videos. I just finished their CCNA bootcamp in Dallas (their headquarters site) and thought it was great (my employer paid for it.) Fortunately there were only 5 students counting me which is a good size. Any boot camp is a waste of money if you come in knowing nothing. It's a fast paced course with lots of labs (I like that you don't share equipment) and the teachers are very good. For me it was a good refresher and I am taking the CCNA next week and feel confident in passing. I even took this week off as vacation to study more, take practice tests, do simulations, etc. None of the topics were totally new to me, but I was weak in certain areas so it helped a lot. I did see Todd Lammle there and he was suppose to teach my class but there was a last minute switch as his schedule changed and he had to be elsewhere during the 2nd half of the week.

    There were three classes going on at the same time (two Cisco, one MS).
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