70-680 Confusion...

Hi everyone.

I've never taken a certification exam but have been in the IT field for 7 years.

My job paid for me to take the official 6292A 3 day course from New Horizons. Mostly everything that was covered wasn't new or didn't shock me in anyway minus the BranchCache bits and the syntax regarding upgrading and installations using imagex and sysprep.

The lab bits are all ran using Hyper-V from Microsoft and where all quit easy for me. If you tell me you need me to change a drive to dynamic or edit firewall settings or whatever I can do it just fine but I have no idea the written path, I'm completely visual and am not a native English speaker and get confused reading EXTREMELY easily but when using the supplemental student hand book I answered 70-80% of the questions right without issue.

So I decided that afterwards I got practice exams from UCertify.

I'm getting like 500-600/1000......

Some of these items were not covered either enough or at all imo, like mounting and editing .VHD?

I have my test next Tuesday and anything anyone recommends I would greatly appreciate so I can order next day shipping through amazon prime and pass this thing..



  • BokehBokeh Posts: 1,636Member ■■■■■■■□□□
    Don Poulton's 70-680 book seems to be the go to book of choice. If you have the Kindle App, you can download the book and get it in moments instead of waiting over night.
  • DEC901DEC901 Posts: 48Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Agreed, with the others, Mr Poulton's tome looks to be the go to as I've been searching for exactly what he's written. Pick it up and get to it, I know I am.
  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 365Member
    DEC901 wrote: »
    Agreed, with the others, Mr Poulton's tome looks to be the go to as I've been searching for exactly what he's written. Pick it up and get to it, I know I am.
    Yeah I just got home and reading it now, I like how it's written. I'll do it this weekend along with my labs!
  • ITMonkeyITMonkey Posts: 200Member
    I too used Poulton's book as my principal textbook. It's well written. I found Chapter 4, Deployment, confusing -- even after the 3rd time reading it. If you find yourself in the same situation, read the documentation that comes along with Microsoft's free SIM and WDT toolkits. The introductory chapters for each tool was clearer to me once I read the introductory chapters in microsoft's documention. Once I understood the "layout of the land", I returned to Poulton's book and spent extra time studying the command lines.
  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 365Member
    Thanks for the advice guys, I just got back from the testing center.

    I have just passed my first ever IT certification with 7 years of IT experience lol :D
  • pizzaboypizzaboy Posts: 244Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Congrats!! So what's next on the list?
    God deserves my best
  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 365Member
    pizzaboy wrote: »
    Congrats!! So what's next on the list?

    Next is 70-685 next week. Then transfer these into WGU and go from there!
  • DEC901DEC901 Posts: 48Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    CONGRATZ & BIG UPS to ya nosoup4u!!! Going after the 680 in the near future myself and then on to 685!!!
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