Argh. 660/700

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I was a little rushed in taking this exam (voucher was expiring) but I don't think any more time would have helped me at this point...

Used Transcender and this is my first time really being disappointed in it...they hit some major points, but alot of the stuff on the exam I was not ready for. Read part of the Exam Cram. That was ok for introductory level, but the questions on the exam were of a higher level than that.

I'll check out the Poulan book someone requested. Unfortunatley I have to cram for my 70-648 now icon_sad.gif Got a month to remember what I've forgot and learn all the new stuff.


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    Brush up in the areas you didn't perform well. Knock it out!
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    Whew! I cancelled my 648 and rescheduled the 680. Scored 700 on the head yesterday. I hit the areas I scored low in and squeaked by.

    I the first time I only read the Exam Cram and used the Transcenders. Went back and read MCTS 70-680 Cert Guide: Microsoft Windows 7, Configuring by Don Poulton (twice). Then the day before the test, I watched all of Professor Messer's free 70-680 videos.
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